Our mission is to capture stories through video to raise awareness and activate response to empower refugees in Uganda.


We are a team of eight passionate storytellers filming a documentary in northern Uganda to spread awareness of the South Sudan refugee crisis. Our team will be based at the Rhino Refugee camp from January to March 2018.

Our partner in Uganda, Onochie Uche Izuora, has a dream to empower the refugees within the Rhino camp through trauma-healing and education. Uche has already started the path of furthering education through the Greater Hope school, but the need for resources and healing within the refugee community continues to grow as awareness of the situation remains stagnant.

All of our team members participated in an 11-month mission trip called The World Race, a program operated by Adventures in Missions. Through that journey, we discovered our deep passion for visual storytelling. Coming off the mission field, we all had a hunger and desire to continue to tell the stories of the world. That’s when the Lord connected the dots. The biggest humanitarian crisis since World War II is happening in Uganda. This is the largest story currently unfolding in the world. There are thousands of stories that are unheard and need to be told.


We are the team to tell those stories.


So why videos? This story in Uganda, needs to be heard. However, in order for people to hear, it has to be told. In order for it to reach the masses of today, it has to be shown. To many, the images of this crisis are blurred. The voices are muffled. We see this as an opportunity to reach the world. 

If these people don’t get the resources they need, a generation of South Sudanese will risk being lost.

We are citizens of change.

Cit·i·zen (n) - an inhabitant of a place or circumstance

The people of South Sudan have lost their homes, their lives, their families. They are forced to inhabit these dark places. They are citizens of war, citizens of grief, citizens of trauma.

We believe our project can change that.

We want to empower these people to become citizens of hope, citizens of justice, citizens of peace.

Our mission is not only for the South Sudanese people to be physically sheltered, but to become citizens of refuge: the eternal Refuge that is Jesus.