Hope Primary School

Rhino refugee camp, uganda

After narrowly escaping the civil war in South Sudan many refugees found themselves in the new refugee settlements without access to quality education. The U.N. established schools were either too far away or severely impacted (200 students per classroom). Alfred and other community leaders came together and started a Primary School. At first, they held classes under a big tree. As more students started to flood into the school the community knew they needed to provide bigger facilities in order for learning to continue. The men and women of the Hope Primary School community joined their resources together to build the frame of what would become Hope Primary School. With very little access to jobs, or a viable growing economy in order to keep the school afloat many Refugee families were selling their allotted food rations in order to pay to keep the school open. This was unacceptable for the leadership at Hope Primary.

As of now, Hope Primary has continued to grow and survive. However, in order to provide sustainable education that can propel a generation forward outside help is required.

There are 3 ways to help: