The Greater Hope Project started with a man named Uche. Uche is a Nigerian whose mission is to serve and disciple the people of South Sudan.

For over 12 years he worked tirelessly to help meet the needs of those he served. When war broke out and millions were forced to flee and become Refugees in Northern Uganda, Uche moved his entire operation to serve the South Sudanese in Rhino Refugee Settlement.  The Greater Hope team is committed to helping Uche fulfill his vision for the empowerment of the South Sudanese.


When Uche saw how the community started Hope Primary School within Rhino Refugee Camp, he knew this was a way could come alongside the Refugees. The core belief of the Greater Hope Project is how helping people should not be a hand out, but a way to invest in a long lasting and sustainable future. Empowering communities helps break the chains of apathy and defeat, emotions often prevalent in catastrophic situations. Our goal is to provide a platform where communities can thrive, having a greater hope for the future.

 After shelter and food, primary level education is the next step towards reversing the oppression and poverty many of these children were born into. An education brings hope of a better future for any child. For the children of South Sudan, a day at school means so much more. War has forced them from the only home they’ve ever known. Some are separated from their parents. Others are orphaned, having watched their family’s brutal murder. Their trauma is unimaginable, but the hope of a better life keeps them coming back to school.