I'm Frustrated

By: Jess Hines

I’ve spent the last two days sitting in this hut in the middle of a refugee camp deleting and rewriting my words. 

The last time I learned this much about a specific crisis in this short amount of time is probably never. 

When you hear people talk about the best way to learn new things is complete immersion, it’s true. 

Day five of living in the refugee camp. 

There’s a small hut that my team and I have been spending the majority of our time in, pitching ideas, stories, dreams, casting our visions, spending time with the Lord in listening praying, and seeking hard after the creativity of the Holy Spirit.

Every single day has been full of rich, and I truly mean rich conversation amongst each other, with the men who have been assigned as our guides who are refugees, Uche, our host who is a Pastor from Nigeria and who's entire ministry revolves around the refugees, and the people we’ve met throughout the camps beyond this orphanage. 

Writing this is frustrating for me because I so desperately want to expand into detail of what I’ve learned.

The South Sudanese were forced out of their country by war and violence and their only chance of survival was to take up residence in Uganda. But they are burdened with so much more than hunger pains and thirst. They ache for education, they thirst for purpose, and they desperately need opportunity. 

It’s gone far beyond any expectation or idea I had coming into this project. Everything I thought I once knew has been blown out by what I’ve actually learned to be the truth by being here and living amongst the refugees. Having the firsthand opportunity to ask them every single question I can think of.

They are my brothers and my sisters. I want to do something. I want to be a piece of what God is doing for His sons and daughters of South Sudan. 

For the first time in my life, I see the Lord using me, using my passions and my gifts to be a small part in changing the course of the lives of these refugees. 

That’s why I’m here. That’s why each of you supported me financially, that is why you believed in me. I was handpicked by my Father, and placed here all in His doing because He is doing something greater, and He’s chosen me and my team to play a role. 

How could I say no?

I hope some of this makes sense, and I apologize if it’s vague, but as the days go on, more will being to unravel and you will be able to see with your own eyes what we are doing. 

Please continue to trust me and trust the Lord who sent me that we are working so hard. 

Thank you all for your continual prayers and support. I am still just under $2,000 from my final fundraising goal to be fully funded. If you feel led in supporting me financially you can do so directly above on the “Donate” button on my fundraising bar.

Love you all. 

Thrilled to share more. 

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