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Choosing education as their path forward, a resilient community of South Sudanese refugees displaced in northern Uganda band together to build a school from nothing. Their hope hinges on the next generation of South Sudanese to break the cycle of their violent past.

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Greater hope project

The documentary A School Called Hope is partnering with the Greater Hope Project to empower the South Sudanese to influence their nation for the better.

The core belief of the Greater Hope Project is how helping people should not be a hand out, but a way to invest in a long lasting and sustainable future. Education is the next step towards reversing the oppression and poverty many of these children were born into. An education brings hope of a better future for any child. For the children of South Sudan, a day at school means so much more. War has forced them from the only home they’ve ever known. Some were separated from their parents. Others are orphaned, having watched their family’s brutal murder. Their trauma is unimaginable, but school provides normalcy to their lives and provides them with the opportunity to make something of themselves. The Greater Hope Project is committed to coming alongside those who are willing to work for a brighter future.



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A generation without education is like a generation born blind. Without education, they are destined to repeat the mistakes of the past.
— Hakim Alfred, Headmaster of Hope Primary School